BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
2048sp5Add jz4760 toolAmaury Pouly5 years
duke3dQuake: attempt 2Franklin Wei2 years
masterpuzzles: enable MinesFranklin Wei3 years
puzzles[WIP] Port of Simon Tatham's Puzzle CollectionFranklin Wei4 years
puzzlesmanualstuffFranklin Wei3 years
quake5tmp on quakeFranklin Wei10 months
wolf3dwolf3d: work on rebasing to GPL'd FM OPL emulatorFranklin Wei11 months
workingMerge branch 'puzzles' into workingFranklin Wei4 years
xracer[WIP] XRacer - a racing gameFranklin Wei5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-07-27puzzles: enable MinesHEADmasterFranklin Wei
2017-07-27Fix arm memset() handling of negative argumentsFranklin Wei
2017-07-27puzzles: new input scheme for Mines and MagnetsFranklin Wei
2017-07-27puzzles: polish up the config menusFranklin Wei
2017-07-27puzzles: tweak text positioningFranklin Wei
2017-07-27puzzles: font cachingFranklin Wei
2017-07-27puzzles: add number chooser for integer settingsFranklin Wei
2017-07-27puzzles: update debug menuFranklin Wei
2017-07-27puzzles: fix flag drawing in MinesFranklin Wei
2017-07-21puzzles: update manual entryFranklin Wei