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* Merge tag 'v1.0.8'HEADmasterFranklin Wei2020-03-25
| * Bump to 1.0.8v1.0.8Franklin Wei2020-03-25
| * Strip default preamble down to bare minimum.Franklin Wei2020-03-25
* | Update README.mdFranklin Wei2020-02-03
* | Update README.mdFranklin Wei2020-02-03
* | Update READMEFranklin Wei2020-02-03
* | Add pen plotter resultFranklin Wei2020-02-03
* Add --metric option to change default preamble to G21.Franklin Wei2020-01-31
* Update READMEv1.0.7Franklin Wei2020-01-31
* Bump to 1.0.7Franklin Wei2020-01-31
* Reword dimension group help.Franklin Wei2020-01-31
* Add custom preamble/epilogue support.Franklin Wei2020-01-31
* Bump to 1.0.6v1.0.6Franklin Wei2020-01-12
* Add option to dump statistics to an external JSON fileFranklin Wei2020-01-12
* Bump version to 1.0.5v1.0.5Franklin Wei2020-01-01
* Fix regression with line angle of 0 degrees.Franklin Wei2020-01-01
* Fix MarkdownFranklin Wei2019-12-31
* Add a bit about sister programsFranklin Wei2019-12-31
* Bump version to 1.0.4v1.0.4Franklin Wei2019-12-30
* Fix "ragged edge" with low resolutions.Franklin Wei2019-12-30
* Move engraving depth to right sectionFranklin Wei2019-12-29
* Expand README images to be full widthFranklin Wei2019-12-27
* Add option to engrave image with dotsFranklin Wei2019-12-27
* frange: switch back to using yield instead of generating all at onceFranklin Wei2019-12-26
* Add badges to READMEFranklin Wei2019-12-26
* Bump versionv1.0.3Franklin Wei2019-12-26
* Update READMEFranklin Wei2019-12-26
* More nitpicksv1.0.2Franklin Wei2019-12-25
* Add classifiers and clean up.Franklin Wei2019-12-25
* Fix minor nitpickFranklin Wei2019-12-25
* Bump version to 1.0.1v1.0.1Franklin Wei2019-12-25
* Fix dumb.Franklin Wei2019-12-25
* Package for PyPI.Franklin Wei2019-12-25
* Decrease README widthFranklin Wei2019-12-25
* Update READMEFranklin Wei2019-12-25
* Overhaul CLI. Version 1.0!Franklin Wei2019-12-25
* Fix toolpath length calculation. Enhance scaling logic.Franklin Wei2019-12-04
* Fix a literal "corner case." Add spindle start/stop.Franklin Wei2019-12-02
* Version 0.0 pizazzFranklin Wei2019-11-29
* Add GPLv2+ licenseFranklin Wei2019-11-29
* DocsFranklin Wei2019-11-28
* Some more minor detailsFranklin Wei2019-11-28
* Add more statistics and sanity checks. Also inverts Y axis.Franklin Wei2019-11-28
* Add traverse back to start and flip Y direction.Franklin Wei2019-11-28
* Import sources.Franklin Wei2019-11-28