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* more stuffHEADmasterFranklin Wei2018-12-27
* more stuffFranklin Wei2018-12-27
* Begin autonomous mode; partially workingFranklin Wei2018-12-26
* more new stuffFranklin Wei2018-12-20
* New stuffFranklin Wei2018-12-08
* Fix codeFranklin Wei2018-12-08
* v4.3 changes. Includes missing TensorFlow files.FTCTechNH2018-10-31
* removed reference to TorqueNado in README.md file. currently TorqueNado moto...FTCTechNH2018-10-30
* changes for v4.2 release.FTCTechNH2018-10-30
* v4.1 changes.FTCTechNH2018-09-24
* v4.0 changes.FTCTechNH2018-09-12
* v3.7FTCTechNH2018-03-12
* Release v3.6.FTCTechNH2017-12-18
* v3.5FTCTechNH2017-10-31
* v3.4FTCTechNH2017-09-06
* v3.3 releaseFTCTechNH2017-09-04
* removed files no longer needed with v3.2 project folderFTCTechNH2017-08-03
* Rebuilt APKs with correct version number (v3.2).FTCTechNH2017-08-02
* Commit to upload missing files from v3.2 release.FTCTechNH2017-08-02
* minor change to README.Thomas Eng2017-08-02
* updated README again.Thomas Eng2017-08-02
* Minor changes to README file.Thomas Eng2017-08-02
* introduction of OnBot Java changes. Additional fixes and improvements.Thomas Eng2017-08-02
* Removed SensorAdafruitIMU.java and sensorAdafruitIMUCalibration.java op modes...FTCTechNH2017-05-15
* v3.1FTCTechNH2017-05-09
* Merge branch 'alpha' of https://github.com/ftctechnh/ftc_app into alphaFTCTechNH2017-05-08
| * fix small typosRobert Atkinson2017-04-13
* | Updated README to include some additional important notes regarding v3.00 rel...FTCTechNH2017-05-08
* v3.00 releaseFTCTechNH2017-04-13
* corrected typoFTCTechNH2017-01-07
* v2.62 with changes to improve USB comm to Modern Robotics DC Motor Controller.FTCTechNH2017-01-07
* Fixed typo in README.mdFTCTechNH2016-12-19
* v2.61FTCTechNH2016-12-19
* v2.6 releaseFTCTechNH2016-12-16
* Merge branch 'beta' (release v2.4) into master branch.FTCTechNH2016-12-16
| * Updated README with v2.4 info.FTCTechNH2016-11-13
| * Updated javadoc for v2.4.FTCTechNH2016-11-13
| * Changes for release v2.4.FTCTechNH2016-11-13
* | Updated README.md with URL Javadoc page.FTC Engineering2016-12-07
* Added guidelines for contributing to the repository and issuing pull requests.FTCTechNH2016-11-11
* removed the PDF from the doc/tutorial...replaced with a README.txt. The PDF ...FTCTechNH2016-10-08
* fixed typo... "2.31" corrected to "2.35".FTCTechNH2016-10-07
* v2.35 - Removed unnecesary idle() call from blocks for new project.FTCTechNH2016-10-06
* V2.3 releaseFTCTechNH2016-10-05
* added javadocFTCTechNH2016-09-09
* disabled debuggable mode for release version of the FTC Robot Controller app.FTCTechNH2016-09-09
* The apk files are now zipaligned.FTCTechNH2016-09-09
* added gradlew files back (sorry about this again...).FTCTechNH2016-09-08
* v2.2 (released on 20160908)FTCTechNH2016-09-08
* Release v2.1 (160903).FTCTechNH2016-09-03