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* Adapt dummy service and client for new profiling methodFranklin Wei2018-08-03
* Make test scripts take logleaves range and trial count on command lineFranklin Wei2018-07-31
* Reverse nesting order of testing loopsFranklin Wei2018-07-31
* Improve graph generationFranklin Wei2018-07-31
* Further instrument create code for profilingFranklin Wei2018-07-30
* Finish up data processing scripts for new profiling methodFranklin Wei2018-07-30
* WIP on processing data from new profileFranklin Wei2018-07-30
* Add scripts for testing with prepopulated databaseFranklin Wei2018-07-20
* Work on saving prepopulated databasesFranklin Wei2018-07-17
* Change testing procedure, once againFranklin Wei2018-07-17
* Allow tabulation of data from partially complete runsFranklin Wei2018-07-17
* Make test scripts test 5 runs of 4-20Franklin Wei2018-07-16
* Increase robustness of measurement processing scriptsFranklin Wei2018-07-11
* Improve dummy performanceFranklin Wei2018-07-11
* Fix whitespace, indentation; minor changes to plotting scriptFranklin Wei2018-07-10
* Produce graphs of dummy performance to compare with secure versionFranklin Wei2018-07-10
* Add error bars to generated graphFranklin Wei2018-07-09
* Minor changes to testsFranklin Wei2018-07-09
* New testing and data processing codeFranklin Wei2018-07-08
* Refactor and optimizeFranklin Wei2018-07-08
* Update test scriptsFranklin Wei2018-07-05