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* Tweak graph styleFranklin Wei2018-09-20
| | | | Smaller size to fit ACM template; also moved key inside plots
* Change profiling breakdownFranklin Wei2018-09-18
| | | | | Coarser intervals across the board; also profiles F_verify() for both file and info retrievals.
* Adapt dummy service and client for new profiling methodFranklin Wei2018-08-03
| | | | | | This moves the profiling code to crypto.c (which should probably be renamed util.c at some point). Test scripts and data processing scripts have been updated as well to deal with the new data.
* Improve graph generation and add timing code to sp_modifyfile()Franklin Wei2018-07-31
| | | | | The number of timing intervals is no longer hard-coded. Also added some profiling instrumentation to the modify function.
* Improve graph generationFranklin Wei2018-07-31
| | | | | Graphs are now stacked and labeled according to the timing points in the source.
* Further instrument create code for profilingFranklin Wei2018-07-30
* Finish up data processing scripts for new profiling methodFranklin Wei2018-07-30
* Add profile option using clock()Franklin Wei2018-07-29
| | | | | | This makes the service provider record the timestamps at certain points in each request, and return that information to the user. Still need to get the data processing scripts adapted.
* Add scripts for testing with prepopulated databaseFranklin Wei2018-07-20
* Add a compile-time option to do database prepopulation and exitFranklin Wei2018-07-18
| | | | | | Enabling the PREPOPULATE macro in service_provider.c will cause it to initialize a database with 2^logleaves - RUNS_TEST files, and exit. This allows fast testing on the resulting database at near full load.
* Add some commentsFranklin Wei2018-07-12
* Fix memory leak in find_empty_slot()Franklin Wei2018-07-12
| | | | Wasn't freeing statement before. Impact should be minimal.
* Make sp_createfile() allocate ACL IOMT in memory, rather than DBFranklin Wei2018-07-12
| | | | | sp_request() will copy it into the database anyway, so there's no point in doing twice the work.
* Comment out unused functionsFranklin Wei2018-07-12
| | | | Should silence some warnings.
* Make caller allocate memory in call to merkle_update()Franklin Wei2018-07-12
| | | | Hopefully this is slightly faster... should probably profile.
* Add tests for IOMT search operations (disabled by default)Franklin Wei2018-07-11
| | | | Uncomment the run_tests() call in main.c to run the tests.
* Fix whitespace, indentation; minor changes to plotting scriptFranklin Wei2018-07-10
* Track build code/compose file as a hashFranklin Wei2018-07-10
* Clean up some minor stuffFranklin Wei2018-07-09
* Precompile SQL statements for speedFranklin Wei2018-07-09
| | | | Saves a couple cycles.
* Refactor and optimizeFranklin Wei2018-07-08
* Add nonce to version info response (to prevent replay); various code cleanupFranklin Wei2018-07-06
* Add method to save module state; allows resuming from a previous runFranklin Wei2018-07-05
* Use 64-bit integers where appropriateFranklin Wei2018-07-03
| | | | Should allow the use of larger logleaves values (> 32).
* Fix warningsFranklin Wei2018-07-03
* Do placeholder insertion on-demand, instead of all at once in sp_new()Franklin Wei2018-07-02
| | | | | The one-time initialization was hugely inefficient. Doing the insertions one at a time makes a lot more sense.
* Remove debug code from service provider; warn about inconsistent module stateFranklin Wei2018-07-02
* Add some more tests; progress towards resuming from an old state possibleFranklin Wei2018-06-30
| | | | | Currently there is no way for the TM to save its state when. Adding this will make resumption possible.
* Add dummy client/server for comparison; fix bugs and polish database codeFranklin Wei2018-06-30
* Modify for testing init onlyFranklin Wei2018-06-28
* Keep IOMT in memory while initializingFranklin Wei2018-06-28
* Add configurable logleavesFranklin Wei2018-06-28
* Add performance output to sp_init()Franklin Wei2018-06-28
* Optimize DB codeFranklin Wei2018-06-27
* Further work on conversion to database backend; still not working yetFranklin Wei2018-06-27
* WIP on database backendFranklin Wei2018-06-27
* WIP on database backendFranklin Wei2018-06-26
* Limit direct access to IOMT structureFranklin Wei2018-06-25
| | | | | Preparation for moving to database backend instead of storing everything in memory.
* Update client; provide ACL in response; add encryptionFranklin Wei2018-06-25
| | | | | | Changed the command-line interface a bit to make it less sensitive to the ordering of switches, though modifyacl still has its old behavior. The client now supports the -e flag to encrypt the file with a random key.
* Implement file info and content retrieval in clientFranklin Wei2018-06-24
| | | | Encryption hasn't been implemented yet.
* Add command-line interface for clientFranklin Wei2018-06-23
| | | | Mostly functional now; file info and content retrieval not fully done yet.
* Finish implementing client and serverFranklin Wei2018-06-22
| | | | | Also makes a minor change to F_rs() IVP; the encryption pad ought to depend on the file version, not the counter.
* Add a separate client communicating by unix socketFranklin Wei2018-06-21
| | | | | This is pretty rough for now; the service provider only handles one client, and dies ungracefully when anything goes wrong. It seems to work, though.
* Support creation of line-by-line IOMTs from disk filesFranklin Wei2018-06-20
| | | | Also minor changes to iomt_* interface.
* Some code cleanup and refactorFranklin Wei2018-06-20
* Adapt service provider for tracking container build and compose filesFranklin Wei2018-06-20
* Squash some bugs, cleanup; implement ACL modification in service providerFranklin Wei2018-06-18
* Fix memory leak; also add further test for file retrievalFranklin Wei2018-06-18
* Some refactoring; file info retrieval in service provider as wellFranklin Wei2018-06-17
* Implement F_snd() IVP (untested) and add some performance tests to sp_test()Franklin Wei2018-06-16