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2018-09-20Tweak graph styleFranklin Wei
2018-09-18Change profiling breakdownFranklin Wei
2018-08-03Adapt dummy service and client for new profiling methodFranklin Wei
2018-07-31Improve graph generation and add timing code to sp_modifyfile()Franklin Wei
2018-07-31Improve graph generationFranklin Wei
2018-07-30Further instrument create code for profilingFranklin Wei
2018-07-30Finish up data processing scripts for new profiling methodFranklin Wei
2018-07-29Add profile option using clock()Franklin Wei
2018-07-20Add scripts for testing with prepopulated databaseFranklin Wei
2018-07-18Add a compile-time option to do database prepopulation and exitFranklin Wei
2018-07-12Add some commentsFranklin Wei
2018-07-12Fix memory leak in find_empty_slot()Franklin Wei
2018-07-12Make sp_createfile() allocate ACL IOMT in memory, rather than DBFranklin Wei
2018-07-12Comment out unused functionsFranklin Wei
2018-07-12Make caller allocate memory in call to merkle_update()Franklin Wei
2018-07-11Add tests for IOMT search operations (disabled by default)Franklin Wei
2018-07-10Fix whitespace, indentation; minor changes to plotting scriptFranklin Wei
2018-07-10Track build code/compose file as a hashFranklin Wei
2018-07-09Clean up some minor stuffFranklin Wei
2018-07-09Precompile SQL statements for speedFranklin Wei
2018-07-08Refactor and optimizeFranklin Wei
2018-07-06Add nonce to version info response (to prevent replay); various code cleanupFranklin Wei
2018-07-05Add method to save module state; allows resuming from a previous runFranklin Wei
2018-07-03Use 64-bit integers where appropriateFranklin Wei
2018-07-03Fix warningsFranklin Wei
2018-07-02Do placeholder insertion on-demand, instead of all at once in sp_new()Franklin Wei
2018-07-02Remove debug code from service provider; warn about inconsistent module stateFranklin Wei
2018-06-30Add some more tests; progress towards resuming from an old state possibleFranklin Wei
2018-06-30Add dummy client/server for comparison; fix bugs and polish database codeFranklin Wei
2018-06-28Modify for testing init onlyFranklin Wei
2018-06-28Keep IOMT in memory while initializingFranklin Wei
2018-06-28Add configurable logleavesFranklin Wei
2018-06-28Add performance output to sp_init()Franklin Wei
2018-06-27Optimize DB codeFranklin Wei
2018-06-27Further work on conversion to database backend; still not working yetFranklin Wei
2018-06-27WIP on database backendFranklin Wei
2018-06-26WIP on database backendFranklin Wei
2018-06-25Limit direct access to IOMT structureFranklin Wei
2018-06-25Update client; provide ACL in response; add encryptionFranklin Wei
2018-06-24Implement file info and content retrieval in clientFranklin Wei
2018-06-23Add command-line interface for clientFranklin Wei
2018-06-22Finish implementing client and serverFranklin Wei
2018-06-21Add a separate client communicating by unix socketFranklin Wei
2018-06-20Support creation of line-by-line IOMTs from disk filesFranklin Wei
2018-06-20Some code cleanup and refactorFranklin Wei
2018-06-20Adapt service provider for tracking container build and compose filesFranklin Wei
2018-06-18Squash some bugs, cleanup; implement ACL modification in service providerFranklin Wei
2018-06-18Fix memory leak; also add further test for file retrievalFranklin Wei
2018-06-17Some refactoring; file info retrieval in service provider as wellFranklin Wei
2018-06-16Implement F_snd() IVP (untested) and add some performance tests to sp_test()Franklin Wei