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* WIP on database backendFranklin Wei2018-06-27
* WIP on database backendFranklin Wei2018-06-26
* Limit direct access to IOMT structureFranklin Wei2018-06-25
* Update client; provide ACL in response; add encryptionFranklin Wei2018-06-25
* Add command-line interface for clientFranklin Wei2018-06-23
* Add a separate client communicating by unix socketFranklin Wei2018-06-21
* Squash some bugs, cleanup; implement ACL modification in service providerFranklin Wei2018-06-18
* Fix memory leak; also add further test for file retrievalFranklin Wei2018-06-18
* Some refactoring; file info retrieval in service provider as wellFranklin Wei2018-06-17
* Clean up memory leaks and uninitialized valuesFranklin Wei2018-06-15
* Working on service provider's request handling; some cleanup tooFranklin Wei2018-06-15
* Refactor and clean-up; also WIP on tm_retrieve_secret()Franklin Wei2018-06-14
* Working on EQ generationFranklin Wei2018-06-14
* Working on service provider tree management routinesFranklin Wei2018-06-13
* Various changes; also implement binary tree complement calculationFranklin Wei2018-06-12
* Finish testing file modification in sp_test()Franklin Wei2018-06-08
* Restructure; test file creationFranklin Wei2018-06-04