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* Add omitted nonce in client's request_verinfo()Franklin Wei2018-07-11
* Fix whitespace, indentation; minor changes to plotting scriptFranklin Wei2018-07-10
* Track build code/compose file as a hashFranklin Wei2018-07-10
* Prevent short read in clientFranklin Wei2018-07-09
* Add nonce to version info response (to prevent replay); various code cleanupFranklin Wei2018-07-06
* Fix warningsFranklin Wei2018-07-03
* Fix test scriptsFranklin Wei2018-07-02
* Add some more tests; progress towards resuming from an old state possibleFranklin Wei2018-06-30
* Add dummy client/server for comparison; fix bugs and polish database codeFranklin Wei2018-06-30
* WIP on database backendFranklin Wei2018-06-27
* WIP on database backendFranklin Wei2018-06-26
* Update client; provide ACL in response; add encryptionFranklin Wei2018-06-25
* Implement file info and content retrieval in clientFranklin Wei2018-06-24
* Add command-line interface for clientFranklin Wei2018-06-23
* Finish implementing client and serverFranklin Wei2018-06-22
* Add a separate client communicating by unix socketFranklin Wei2018-06-21