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2018-07-30Finish up data processing scripts for new profiling methodFranklin Wei
2018-07-19Implement dummy prepopulation (with a separate script)Franklin Wei
2018-07-11Improve dummy performanceFranklin Wei
2018-07-08New testing and data processing codeFranklin Wei
2018-07-03Use -O3 optimization level againFranklin Wei
2018-07-03Use 64-bit integers where appropriateFranklin Wei
2018-07-03Fix warningsFranklin Wei
2018-06-30Add dummy client/server for comparison; fix bugs and polish database codeFranklin Wei
2018-06-27Optimize DB codeFranklin Wei
2018-06-26WIP on database backendFranklin Wei
2018-06-24Implement file info and content retrieval in clientFranklin Wei
2018-06-21Add a separate client communicating by unix socketFranklin Wei