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Compile with:
-g++ main.cpp -o circgraph
+Run as:
+By default, `circgraph` will read a circuit from stdin (see below) and
+output the equivalent resistance between the source and sink. The `-C`
+flag will switch the calculation mode to capacitance.
+`circgraph` can output graphs in Graphviz's `dot` format to stdout for
+visualization. Pass stdout to `tests/testgraph.sh` to try (requires
+graphviz and evince).
+# Circuit Input
+`circgraph` represents circuits as weighted undirected graphs, with
+nodes representing electrically common elements (i.e. a wire) and
+edges and their weights representing either resistors or capacitors
+(depending on command-line options).
`circgraph` takes input from stdin in the following format:
@@ -28,4 +49,20 @@ g++ main.cpp -o circgraph
-See the `testX.txt` files for examples.
+The first line specifies the names of the source and sink nodes. All
+subsequent lines represent a weighted edge with the names of the two
+nodes and the weight of the edge. Node names are created upon use.
+An example input (test5.txt) and its corresponding graph are given
+a c
+a b 1
+a c 1
+b c 1
+See the `testX.txt` files for further examples.
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