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+# Blog
+This repo contains the source code of my [blog](https://fwei.tk/blog)
+(in Markdown), and a collection of scripts I use to automate building
+and deployment. I created this with solely my own use in mind -- if
+you'd like to use this for your own use, feel free -- but you're on
+your own.
+## Overview
+Markdown files reside in `posts/`. Each post should have a
+corresponding entry in `index.csv` with `FILENAME.md:TITLE` as the
+fields (note that `:` is the delimiter).
+Assorted files (such as images) can be placed in `files/`.
+### Building
+Install pandoc.
+Run `./build.sh` from the project root. This will produce the compiled
+output in `out`.
+### Deployment
+Run `./deploy.sh`. It will try to log into my website. This will not
+work. Edit it for your own needs.