duckyA BASIC-like programming language compiling into CFranklin Wei2 years
market-simA retro stock-trading gameFranklin Wei2 years
netcosmA MUD ServerFranklin Wei2 years
rockboxMy Rockbox treeFranklin Wei2 years
raytraceWorld's worst raytracerFranklin Wei2 years
xenonchessWorld's worst chess engineFranklin Wei2 years
puzzlesMy sgt-puzzles treeFranklin Wei18 months
halibutMy halibut treeFranklin Wei2 years
yacasWorld's worst CASFranklin Wei2 years
csaaCloud Storage Assurance Architecture proof-of-conceptFranklin Wei20 months
circgraphTool for calculating the equivalent impedance/capacitance of a circuitFranklin Wei15 months
ftcOld robot codeFranklin Wei17 months
tennisdrawTennis tournament bracket generatorFranklin Wei13 months
fieldvizEM field visualizerFranklin Wei12 months
libfmlFrank's Math Library - a collection of useful mathematical routinesFranklin Wei5 months
designsVarious CAD thingsFranklin Wei14 months
multipickerArduino code for a guitar-playing robotFranklin Wei13 months
dcrDistributed Container Repository proof-of-conceptFranklin Wei10 months
jobscopeCustom jobscope sorterFranklin Wei10 months
blogSource code and tools behind my blogFranklin Wei5 months
regentesterArduino code to drive a regenerative braking circuitFranklin Wei6 months
wargames-serverThe WOPR from "WarGames" over telnetFranklin Wei7 months
kappaAn x86 operating system from scratchFranklin Wei7 months
pishA "shell" for a headless Raspberry Pi using Morse code through a LEDFranklin Wei7 months
rastercarveGenerate G-code to engrave raster imagesFranklin Wei2 months
sloregAutomatic registration of retinal SLO imagesFranklin Wei4 months