blogSource code and tools behind my blogFranklin Wei29 hours
circgraphTool for calculating the equivalent impedance/capacitance of a circuitFranklin Wei9 months
csaaCloud Storage Assurance Architecture proof-of-conceptFranklin Wei14 months
dcrDistributed Container Repository proof-of-conceptFranklin Wei4 months
designsVarious CAD thingsFranklin Wei8 months
duckyA BASIC-like programming language compiling into CFranklin Wei18 months
fieldvizEM field visualizerFranklin Wei6 months
ftcOld robot codeFranklin Wei11 months
halibutMy halibut treeFranklin Wei18 months
jobscopeCustom jobscope sorterFranklin Wei4 months
kappaAn x86 operating system from scratchFranklin Wei4 weeks
libfmlFrank's Math Library - a collection of useful mathematical routinesFranklin Wei6 months
market-simA retro stock-trading gameFranklin Wei18 months
multipickerArduino code for a guitar-playing robotFranklin Wei7 months
netcosmA MUD ServerFranklin Wei18 months
pishA "shell" for a headless Raspberry Pi using Morse code through a LEDFranklin Wei4 weeks
puzzlesMy sgt-puzzles treeFranklin Wei12 months
rastercarveGenerate G-code to engrave raster imagesFranklin Wei2 days
raytraceWorld's worst raytracerFranklin Wei18 months
regentesterArduino code to drive a regenerative braking circuitFranklin Wei3 weeks
rockboxMy Rockbox treeFranklin Wei18 months
tennisdrawTennis tournament bracket generatorFranklin Wei7 months
wargames-serverThe WOPR from "WarGames" over telnetFranklin Wei4 weeks
xenonchessWorld's worst chess engineFranklin Wei18 months
yacasWorld's worst CASFranklin Wei18 months